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World Partners

Michael & Debbie Bannon

After having served with World Venture in Vilnius, Lithuania in evangelism, church planting, and leadership training for 15 years have moved to a new ministry in Ireland.  The team in Galway has asked them to help them in leadership development with a church that is about 10 years old.  Their work at Galway is with the WorldVenture team in a co-pastoral capacity as well as discipleship, friendship evangelism, men's and women's ministries, and assisting in other aspects of church ministry.  Their desire is to see Galway City Baptist Church grow, to someday have its own facility, to see born again believers take on more and more responsibilities at the church and to reach out to the community beyond.

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Stan & Tami Brown

Stan and Tami minister in Central Asia. They work in rural development. In addition, Tami helps people with skills in international development, agriculture, and public health serve in underdeveloped and hard-to-reach parts of the world.


Bo & Michele Columbine

Bo and Michele Columbine minister to African families in predominately Muslim Senegal. Bo, who is a mechanic, welder and machinist, serves men through teaching them these vocational skills. Michele ministers to the wives and children so they can reach whole families for God's glory. Upon their return to Senegal (July, 2013) Bo will be opening a vocational trade school in partnership with a Senegalese Christian business man. This man is an owner of an auto repair shop and will be supplying the class room for the school as well as practical experience within his shop for the students. An essential part of the training will be Bible lessons. These Bible lessons, as well as discipleship are what will make a difference in these young men. Christian business ethics using the Bible will also be incorporated. Bo desires to train young entrepreneurs and small business owners. In a country that has a 48% unemployment rate it is necessary to make job makers and not job seekers.

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Malcolm and Mary Elliot-Hogg

In 2008, WorldVenture asked the Elliot-Hoggs to open a new field in the South Pacific, based in New Zealand but including Australia. The focus of this new work is reaching international students with the gospel and discipling them so that they in turn can bring the gospel to their own people when they complete their studies. Tens of thousands of students come from all over Asia and the Middle East, from countries whose cultures, languages and political situations make it very difficult for white Westerners to gain entry. Malcolm received his Ph.D in Biblical Studies in 1986. Malcolm and Mary have served through leadership training since 1987, first at Asian Theological Seminary in Manila, Philippines, then at the Evangelical School of Theology in Wroclaw, Poland. For five years, Malcolm filled the position of academic dean before turning over the responsibility to a national faculty member. Their daughter Annette teaches art history in a Chicago university. Elizabeth is studying for her Masters and Cameron is attending college, both in New Zealand.

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Tim & Jacki Faulkner

Tim and Jacki Faulkner(WorldVenture) minister near Naples, Italy. They are preparing to help nationals assume leadership of the church they helped plant. Tim is also involved in national endeavors to encourage church planting and leadership development.

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Bill and Dianne Grudda

Bill and Dianne Grudda serve in West Africa, partnering with WorldVenture missionaries in Senegal, Mali, Guinea, and Côte d’Ivoire and with national church associations in each country. Based in Senegal, they host US short term missions teams, facilitating visits for groups seeking firsthand missions involvement, arranging schedules, lodging and meals, often in their home. In Senegal, they coordinate closely with the national Thiès Baptist Church Missions Team, organizing team trips to rural villages for medical clinics and children’s programs and nurturing the partnerships between US churches and rural villages. Two of their four adult sons, Brandon and Lucas, and their wives also serve in West Africa. Sons Austin and Tanner are attending college.

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Kevin & Kaori Laverman

Kevin and Kaori Laverman (WorldVenture) minister in Kawasaki, Japan, where Christians make up 0.6 percent of the population. The church they help lead, Denen Grace Chapel, reaches out to its community and to returnees, Japanese people who became Christians abroad.

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Mark and Karen Marchak

For over a decade Mark established and facilitated a team of church planters and other urban workers in Metropolitan New York City. Beginning in 1990 he also gave leadership to the Mission’s urban ministries throughout the Eastern United States. Currently Mark is the National Director of City Church Movements (formerly Urban Ministries) for Missions Door. While based in New York, he facilitates a shared vision of city and multicultural ministries throughout the United States and in Montreal, Canada, concentrating on church planting and leadership development.




Diana Muenzenberger

Diana is a middle school teacher to missionary kids at Faith Academy in the Philippines. She first served at Faith Academy in 1995 on a missions trip. Diana takes great joy in developing relationships with her students while watching them thrive academically. 

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George and Linda Renner

George Renner is a pastor and a New Testament scholar. Linda’s gifts shine especially in showing compassion and providing encouragement — particularily in serving women and children. Since they first set foot in Africa in 1991, God has been using them to partner with African Christians to empower African churches. George really “finds his groove” when he’s teaching God’s Word to groups of Africans at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST) in Kenya. 


Mark and Kathy Schaaf

Mark is partnering with World Venture to serve as an international training officer for Walk Thru the Bible International (WTB)focusing on international training, strategic alliances with other ministries, and exploring the implications of oral learning with WTB. Kathy works with the international refugee community in Clarkston, Georgia. The community, located outside of Atlanta, is made up of some 60,000 refugees from 145 countries and 761 ethnic groups.

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Bern and Patty Schraut

Bern and Patty live in Austria with their two adult sons. Bern is Deputy Technical Director for Trans World Radio (TWR) in Austria. TWR has been changing their technologies to include internet and smart phones as well as AM, shortwave and satellite radio so they could better cross geographic borders - Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. The core content, the message of the gospel, has been repackaged in different lengths and languages and readied for multiple technologies. Their communication platform has changed from radio-program centered to content centered and will allow them to adjust quickly to new technologies in the future. Their vision required a change in the technical backbone of TWR as well as the change in programming. Bern has been working with volunteer project teams where the management of the project is based on biblical principles. Bern is an elder at a German-speaking Baptist church in Vienna where Patty is involved in their music program


Frank & Melodi Schultz

Frank and Melodi have been married since 1975 and have three adult children. They accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior in 1979 while Frank was working as a mechanical engineer. In 1988, they were drawn to full time ministry in urban America when Melodi read Dr. Phillip's book, Dare to Love The Ghetto. They joined World Impact in June 1991, serving in Newark, New Jersey. The Schultz's have two primary roles in the Newark Ministry. Frank serves as administrator for The Urban Ministry Institute - Newark (TUMI-Nwk). TUMI-Nwk seeks to raise up indigenous leadership to facilitate church plant movements among the urban poor in the Newark's metropolitan area. They also head up the World Impact Thrift Store. The Store exists to minister God's love to our neighborhood via making quality items available to our neighbors, hiring teens from other areas of our ministry, making a place for parent's of children in our Newark Christian School to work off tuition and support other parts of the ministry. Their goal is to have all their programs support facilitating a church plant movement among the urban poor and to advance God's Kingdom into surrounding communities.

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Keith & Beverly Sellers

Keith and Beverly serve in Hungary. Their main work has been to learn the challenging Hungarian language and discover ways they can become involved in evangelism and church planting. They have enjoyed teaching a Bible Club as an outreach of a small church plant in their community. They also served twice a month at a church in a small town south of Budapest. Keith regularly preached in Hungarian, and together as a family they encouraged the believers in this small church. They have 3 children - Rachel, Kimberly and Joel.



Joe Violi

Joe Violi (The Navigators) recently moved from Rutgers University in NJ, where he served for many years, to Penn State University. He is excited about being part of a staff team reaching out to large and diverse student body. The Navigators emphasizes discipleship, helping students know Christ and make Him known.

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Clint and Jillian Watkins

Clint and Jillian serve with DiscipleMakers. The Watkins connect with college students through weekly Bible studies and other outreach events during the school year. Clint and Jillian have served on the campus of Gettysburg College since 2013. Now they've been called to transition their ministry to the Lancaster, PA area later this year. 

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John and Stella White

John White went to Donetsk, Ukraine in 2000 to learn the Russian language. In 2002, he applied to Donetsk Christian University to work in the Public Relations Department and teach. There he met Stella, a Ukranian national working in that department. They married in 2008 and in 2012, their son Edward was born. John teaches courses in the area of mission, including Introduction to Missiology, Contextualization, History of Mission, and World Religions and Cults. In 2010, John started a part-time Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies at Biola University and is currently writing his dissertation. He and Stella now teach at Kiev Theological Seminary. John is also on the board of the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association, which oversees Evangelical higher education in the former Soviet Union. Stella continues working at KTS teaching English. John’s home church is Millington Baptist Church.


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