Serving On-Campus

Ministry Teams
One of the greatest ways to meet interesting people and develop meaningful relationships is to serve together on a ministry team. These teams not only give you an opportunity to connect with others, but they also provide a way for you to tangibly serve the church and our city. Contact:Church Office

Shuttle & Parking
Shuttle: Drive the church shuttle bus to and from the Dewey Meadows Parking Lot (A&P) on Sunday mornings, greeting guests and answering questions they may have about the church. Parking: Create an atmosphere of grace and warmth for members and guests by greeting and directing them to their parking spaces. Contact: Church Office

Welcome Team
If you are great with people and enjoy meeting and making others feel welcome, consider serving on the Welcome Team. Team members are the first contact our guests have with the people of MBC and, in some cases, the church as a whole. Members of this team serve either as greeters or ushers. Greeters are stationed at the entrances and ensure that all guests are extended a warm welcome to MBC. Ushers direct guests and engage newcomers in welcoming conversation. This team is the instrumental first step in presenting Christ, His church and His people in a positive and enriching way to everyone in attendance on Sunday. Contact: Church Office

Coffee & Tea
Assist in preparing and setting up the tea and coffee members and visitors enjoy after each service.

Follow-up Team Follow up with the guest cards first time visitors fill out on Sunday morning. The Team gives each visitor a personal call and email to thank them for coming and see if they had any questions about their visit.

Kids Team Kids Team Members of the MBC Kids volunteer team work with children ages birth through 6th grade, helping provide each child a loving, caring, and fun atmosphere where they enjoy age appropriate teaching about God’s Word and His plan for their lives. Become a powerful part of the spiritual development of our children joining this important team. A background check is required. Contact: Rachel

Creative Arts Do you have a passion for using the arts to communicate the Gospel? Do you have creative and design skills, or musical talent? The Worship Arts Ministry has opportunities for both up-front and behind-the-scenes ministry on Sunday morning and throughout the week. Contact: Jeffrey Reid

Audio Visual Team A worship environment free from distractions is critical to facilitating a meaningful worship experience. As a member of the AV Team, you will serve with the worship leaders to facilitate that experience. Members of the AV Team ensure that the productions of the worship services are delivered sharply, timely, and with excellence. Members of this team can serve as sound technicians, lighting technicians, presentation specialists or camera operators. Brief training sessions will be provided for those interested in this integral ministry team. Contact: Jared Johnson

Graphic Design Team
At MBC, we believe that every item we produce, every look and feel we apply, contributes to telling the story of the Gospel. We want all of our graphic designs to communicate truth and Gospel without the hindrances and obstructions constituted by confusion, chaos, and disorganization. We invite all artists to assist in creating our print media, sermon series logos, signage, and other graphical displays. If you have questions or are interested in serving on this team please, Contact: Marc D'Agusto

Photography Team
One of the ways we desire to tell the story of Jesus at MBC is through photography. Currently, photographers attend every major MBC event (Prologue, Baptism Sundays, Retreats, etc) to capture and share these stories in slides, on our website, and in print media. Our photographers are also encouraged to take pictures throughout the city (these are also featured in slides, on our website, and in print media). If you have questions or are interested in serving on this team please Contact: Marc D'Agusto

Video Team
Another means of sharing the story of the Gospel is through the medium of video. If you have experience filming, editing, and/or producing, we would love for you to join our Video Team. These are used to accompany sermon series, celebrate the work God is doing, and better contextualize the Gospel for our city. If you have questions or are interested in serving on this team please Contact: Marc D'Agusto

Social Media Team
Interested in social media? Can't stop tweeting? In our ever-connecting world, it is important that we use all means possible to communicate the grace of the Gospel. To explore how we can better utilize social media for MBC Church and join us in implementing these tools, please Contact: Marc D'Agusto