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Missions Team

Our World Partners

Did you know that we have partners who are bringing Jesus to people around the world, from Newark to New Zealand? These World Partners are in every stage of life - singles, families with children young and old, and seniors. They work in health care, education, agricultural development, church planting, and more. They are on the ground, living in a variety of cultures, speaking different languages, and sharing Jesus where they are. Our church family has the privilege to stand alongside them through prayer and encouragement as they fulfill their calling from our Lord.

Focus on Senegal

In 2007, our church adopted Senegal as an area of strategic focus.  Since then, we have developed a special partnership both with our World Partners serving in Senegal and with Senegalese believers.  Because training nationals is integral to the growth of the church, we provide scholarships and support schools and seminaries.  Teams from MBC regularly travel to Senegal to pray, engage villagers, spend time with children, build and refurbish churches, teach, and provide health assistance - all in the name of Jesus.  In addition to this, through a specific Senegalese church, we are partnering with the village of Langomac, where we can grow together and learn from one another.  We have connected at a heart level with many individuals, and it is a great privilege to have a small part in bringing Jesus to Senegal.  Our prayer is that many more in our congregation will become involved with our friends in Senegal.