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Core Values

1. Gospel-centered

We Believe The Gospel Should Be At The Center Of Everything. Everyone centers their lives around something, so we believe the center of our lives should be God and His Glorious Gospel. This fundamental reorientation around the grace of the Gospel changes everything. Because God has given everything for us we are called to give everything for Him. Therefore, we respond to His great love by extended grace to everyone around us and giving Him first place in our lives.  


2. Biblically Grounded and Culturally Relevant

We Strive To Be Both Culturally Relevant And Biblically Grounded. Yes, we believe we can be both. We believe we can engage the culture AND remain doctrinally pure. This is our calling, to contextualize the timeless message of the Gospel for our generation. (1 Corinthians 9:19–23).


3. A Passion for the Mission

We Have A Passion For The Mission Of God Locally And Globally.  Lost people matter to God therefore lost people matter to us. But missions is not just global, it is also local. We want to reach and love our world AND we want to reach and love our neighbor. (Matt 28:18-20). We also believe the church should reflect the diversity of its community, ethnically and demographically. It is our heart to bless our city and see it flourish as God renews and restores our world (Jeremiah 29).


4. Intentional Spiritual Formation

We Intentionally Pursue Discipleship While Being Dependent Upon God For True Spiritual Formation. Christian growth is a slow and non-linear process wherein the Spirit of God shapes us and molds us into the very image of Jesus Christ for our good, for the sake of others, and for God’s glory. There is no “quick-fix” where we can be “zapped” into spiritual maturity. It involves more than gaining theological information and it is more profound and lasting than any emotional mountain-top experience.  Spiritual Formation occurs in a very real life context with other brothers and sisters on the journey. On this journey there are struggles and setbacks and lulls of apparent stagnation. On this journey there are temptations and failures and dry spells. Real growth isn’t about rainbows and sunshine. Let’s stop acting as if it is. This journey can be scary. This journey can feel very vulnerable. But we believe this journey is worth striving for our entire lives with all that we are “until Christ is formed in you.” (Gal 4:19)


5. Authentic Community

We Cultivate a Culture Of BOTH Grace And Truth. We want to be connected, we want to be one, and we want to be a people of BOTH grace and truth. We strive to be merciful and accepting and we don’t shy away from hard conversations and to hold each other accountable. We believe it’s OK not to be OK, it’s just not OK to stay there. Life change happens in the context of relationships. This includes the concepts of discipleship, vulnerability, and accountability (Luke 6:12–13; Acts 2:44–47).


6. Servant Leadersā€‹ā€‹

We believe a fully engaged follower of Christ is a servant-leader (Mark 10). We believe that doing church as a team is God’s design for effective ministry. We celebrate working together. We are the body of Christ. We believe in the wisdom of a plurality of leadership at every level. (Prov 11:14). Furthermore, Every member is a minister. Every Christian has been given spiritual gifts to be discovered, developed, and deployed. (Eph 4:1-13) We want to be A Leadership factory (Acts 19). We want to make disciples who make disciples and rise to their full potential in the body of Christ. We want to identify and train emerging leaders who are fully committed to Christ and who will reach their generation with the gospel.


7. Strong Families

We Want To Build Strong Families And Be A Place Of Restoration, Care And Support For Those Without A Family. In a world where we have seen the breakdown of the family impact our society in negative ways, we believe in the importance of resourcing and building strong families with intentional support for both healthy marriages and godly parenting. Though not all followers of Christ are called to marriage, we are all called to deep significant relationships and therefore seek to be connected as a church family.  The church is a family where God has adopted us and sent us on mission (Gal. 4, Romans 8).