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CARE Initiatives

We are privileged to love one another. It is in this spirit that we have formed the Care Leadership Team (CLT). The goal of the CLT is to learn the needs of our congregation and coordinate assistance. To do this, we will draw upon the natural strengths of our church family to develop a network of caregivers. As a caregiver, people will have the option to serve when a need arises. We are seeking volunteers in the following areas:

Encouragement Ministries (i.e. Cards, Prayer, Visitation)

Household Ministries (i.e. House Work, Yard Work, Household Repairs, Packing & Moving)

Family Support Ministries (i.e. Childcare, Tutoring, Mentoring, School Pick-up/Drop-off)

Transportation Ministries (i.e. Rides to doctors, stores, appointments, etc.)

Hospitality Ministries (i.e. Hot Meals, Shepherd’s Freezer, Hosting)

Please let us know which of the ministries match your gifts by filling out the form below. Further questions can be addressed by emailing us at We look forward to serving with you!

Encouragement Ministry

Support and comfort is given through a handwritten note, a prayer, a gift card or a personal visit. Have a desire to share God’s heart, a gift for words of encouragement, or enjoy visiting people? If so, lift others up by serving in this ministry.

  • Cards – Send cards to those going through a difficult situation, experiencing a health issue or celebrating a life event.
  • Prayer - Come alongside your fellow congregants in prayer to strengthen, equip and encourage them in life's journey.
  • Visitation - Visit those who are ill, homebound, elderly or in need of a listening ear and make a personal connection with another member of our church family.
  • The Encouragement Fund - Provide a little extra support or uplift one’s spirit through gift cards. Support this ministry financially when a collection is taken during a Sunday service. [top]


Household Ministry

Practical help, such as housework, maintenance and yard work, is provided for those experiencing short-term or chronic difficult circumstances.  Do you like lending a hand around the house?  If so, provide some extra support by joining this ministry.

  • Light Housework – Provide an extra hand for light housework, such as cleaning, laundry, reorganizing, etc.
  • Light Yard Work – Provide an extra hand for light yard work, such as lawn mowing, bush trimming, leaf pickup, etc.
  • Household Repairs – Provide minor household maintenance or repairs, such as painting, repairs, etc.
  • Moving – Provide assistance during the moving process.           
    • Packing – Provide extra hands to pack or unpack during the moving process.
    • Loading – Provide strong hands and backs to help with loading boxes and furniture. [top]

Family Support Ministry

Provide support to families in need in areas such as childcare, tutoring, driving, or parenting support.  Do you have a passion for our children and their families?  If so, encourage families in our congregation by serving in this ministry.

  • Childcare – Provide a respite for parents in need by taking care of their children for an afternoon, evening, etc.
  • Tutoring – Provide some extra help with a child’s schoolwork.
  • Mentoring – Provide support by mentoring a child.
  • Driving Support – Provide rides for the family members, including transportation to school, sporting events, doctors, etc. [top]

Transportation Ministry

Transportation is provided to those who cannot drive themselves, for example to and from work/school, doctor’s offices, shopping centers, and other appointments.  Are you willing to drive once a week/month or as a need arises?  If so, then consider serving in this ministry. [top]

Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality is shown through provisions of meals or just having coffee with someone in our church family, Do you enjoy interacting and getting to know others?  If so, reach out to the congregation by serving in this ministry.

  • Meals Ministry - Provide hot or frozen meals to those experiencing immediate need.  That could be for someone coming home from the hospital, a family with a new baby or someone in the midst of short-term difficult circumstances.  Do you enjoy cooking?  If so, bless others with your talent by serving in this ministry. 
    • Hot Meals – Make and deliver homemade hot meals to those in need, such as new moms, individuals in crisis, etc.
    • Shepherd’s Freezer – Make or purchase meals to be frozen and made available as needed. 
  • Hosting - Provide congregants with a connection to our church family such as having a meal together, meeting for coffee, serving together, or inviting them to join a small group. [top]